Money & Payment

Your enrollment is not complete until you pay all required fees. If you have any questions regarding your program payment, refunds, cancellations, or other money-related matters, please contact

Pay Now

Pay Fees

  • New Students: All program fees must be paid before the first day of the term. Students who do not pay on time will not be able to attend classes.
  • Continuing Students: Students who extend their program must pay in full for the entire extension before the last day of their current term.

The USC International Academy application fee, housing fees and enrollment deposits are non-refundable. You may receive a refund of the tuition and service fees (less deposit paid) if you cancel in writing with the Admissions Adviser at any time before the first day of the program. All cancellations and refund requests must be submitted in writing to the Admissions Adviser. For more details on refunds and cancellations, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Sponsored Students

If you are sponsored by your government, your company and/or a non-profit agency/institution, you must submit your financial guarantee/support letter by the payment deadline (see “Pay Fees” above) to If you are unable to provide us with a financial guarantee/support letter, you must be prepared to pay the full balance of your tuition and service fees on or before the first day of classes. You will not be allowed to start classes without some form of payment – either a financial guarantee letter or payment from personal funds.

Opening a Bank Account

If you are staying in the U.S. for longer than three months you may wish to open a bank account. Many students use Bank of America or Chase Bank since there are many branch offices all over California and they have many account options. They also have employees who can translate in several languages. The USC Credit Union offers a full range of banking and account options as well.

Generally, to open a bank account, you need:

  1. Passport
  2. Documents that prove you are currently enrolled at USC (I-20, Student ID, Admission Letter)
  3. A minimum deposit of $200 or more

These requirements may vary depending on the bank.

Add Money to USC Card

Deposit money on your USC ID card for a fast and convenient way to make purchases on campus. To do so, create an account on the USCard website or visit the USCard office is PSX.

View all of the accepted USCard locations that accept Dining Dollars, meal swipes, and discretionary funds.